Vishuddha Chakra

The tapestry featured in the background of this picture has a special place in my heart. I bought it in New Dehli, while falling in love with another culture and myself in ways I didn’t know were possible.

The past few days I found myself drawn to the pattern on it during my practice and meditation. 16 lotus petals are featured on my tapestry – representing Vishuddha Chakra or the throat chakra. This chakra presides over one’s will, power of choice, and sense of truth. Working with it can help one to recognize that silence can be necessary and meaningful.

Trusting the universe, I’ve decided to make this the focus of my meditation for the next few weeks. To remind me of this, I’ve drawn symbols that represent this chakra with henna on my palm. To bring good vibrations to my space, my gem necklace with ruby will be at home near my heart.  Ruby helps one to live life with passion and enthusiasm. What a great energy to surround yourself with.

Once you trust the universe and open yourself to possibilities, the goodness that enters your life is endless.


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