Natural Phenomena

Love is a natural phenomena. First love your body, then love your mind, and then love your soul and then love your totality, then love your reality. Five simple things to do. When you start loving your reality, the whole world will love you. My theory is very simple. I need two hundred million things. And I really need them. How can I get them? Should I go after everything and get it? I’ll be the most stupid living human being. Let me sit and let them come to me. I’ll receive them. You should be ready to receive. You should be ready to deserve, you should be ready to be. It is your potential. That’s what joy is.

-Yogi Bhajan

The more I realize the goodness that I have the power to cultivate and the more I open myself up to life – the more goodness life gives back to me. Thank you to all who bring light and good energy into my life everyday.



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