Vegan Resources

Because of the many people and organizations outraged at today’s agricultural system and mistreatment of animals, there are a ton of free resources to learn more about why eating a plant based diet is important, how it impacts your body and the world, and how to make sure you’re getting all of the nutrients necessary.

Web Resources

Vegan Outreach gives you a good overview with tips on how to make the switch, reasons for being vegan, and how to eat vegan.

Friends of Animals has created a great 24 page guide filled with health information and recipes (even a burger inspired by Chicago Diner!). They spend a few pages ‘debunking the myths’ which provides a good basis for many common misconceptions about plant based diets and answers questions you may have.

The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Compassionate Living Without Sacrifice is a more in-depth look at how to maximize your vegan experience. He covers core foods, social changes, and more.

Digital Resources

Cowspiracy (trailer) – I listed this one first so I could draw some special attention to it. The film focuses more on the environmental damage that animal agriculture causes (rain forest deforestation , pollution , and global warming to new a few) which I think is something missing in a lot of conversations around food. Our health is important, and so are animals, but if we kill the Earth there’s nothing left for us.

Hungry For Change (trailer) – Delves into what diet, weight loss, and food industires don’t want consumers to know about how they get their cosumers addicted to their products.

The Human Experiment (trailer) -Examines the possible connection between the thousands of untested chemicals in our products, homes, and selves and the prevalence of many diseases continues to rise.

Fed Up (trailer– Looks into the role sugar plays in the obesity (and diabetes) crisis and how corporations affect government policy.

Food Inc (trailer) – Exposes where food today is really coming from.

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