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Food is so important to me. Cooking for others is one way I show I care. Creating new flavors in the kitchen is one way I express my creativity. Eating healthy, whole, plant-based meals is one way I respect myself and my world.

Because of that, I really leaned into cooking when transitioning to a plant based diet. I found some awesome websites, books, and real kitchen inspirations. Every recipe doesn’t turn out how you envisioned but that’s part of the process. It’s all about learning so just get started.

I’ve included some below for your references. Check them out and get cooking!

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Thug Kitchen

‘eat like you give a f*ck’

I started cooking from this blog well before I transitioned to a plant based diet (I may have been eating chicken when I first tried it..) I was hooked. The recipes are that good. Plus, the hilarious, raunchy language pulls you in.

I have both cookbooks (The Official Cookbook and Party Grub from TK). Both have been well worth the investment. Since I’m always drawing inspiration from TK, its nice to have the books to keep notes and adaptations in.

The Official Cookbook is awesome for beginner cooks or vegans. There’s a whole section on how to stock your pantry, what different cooking terms mean, and more great info.

The recipes are packed with flavors so any excuses about vegan cooking can be shut down by wiping up something delicious from here. Plus, they try to stick to basic ingredients which makes grocery shopping easier and keeps your bill down.

Highlights – Chickapea Pesto Sandwich, Artichoke Dip, Winter Vegetable Stir Fry bonus – lots of yummy adult drinks

Oh She Glows

‘Glow from the inside out’

Angela Liddon has created a really beautiful, bright place to come for plant based meals. She shares about her personal life which is nice too. Her baby is seriously adorable.

The recipes here tend to be slightly more involved but worth it. I really like the dinner and desserts posted here as those are generally the meals I spend more time on.

Also featured are articles giving more lifestyle advice regarding healthy living, fitness, and wholesome eating which are very helpful, especially when changing your diet.

Her cookbook won all kinds of awards and features 100+ recipes (90 are gluten free!).

Highlights – Sawwt! Potato Casserole w Crunchy Nut Crumble, Pack Food for Weekend Away in 1hr21 Vegan Freezer Friendly Meals/Snacks

Minimalist Baker

All of the recipes on Dana and John’s blog either require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 1 pot, or 30 minutes or less to prepare which is awesome. The majority are vegan and gluten free to boot!

In addition to all the awesome recipes, there’s a ton of resources for bloggersnew cooks, and new vegans. They’ve actually created a whole food photography school.

Highlights – Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha BowlHealthy 5 Ingredient Granola Bars

it doesn’t taste like chicken

This blog keeps it simple and gives clear instructions to help make cooking easy and enjoyable. The recipes are familar and stick to using basic ingredients.

Plus, Sam’s website is so bright and colorful that you can’t help but smile while browsing.

Highlights – Cannellini Bean and Artichoke DipRustic TapenadeLeek Potato Pizza


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